N.ow A.ll A.lbino's C.ount P.eriod ???


      What b wrong wit ya'll  n i g g e r's....the ignant ones who blieve that Jes=g...if so...what is Jes-se ???

Ante how...how do ya'll keep the willie lynchism alive??? anythang ya'll lord/master/savior tell ya'll it b truth...matters NOT that in order 2 blieve in their truth it's impossible 2 blieve in TheeTru!!!Th... feet polished gold/hair like wool...

     The N.A.A.C.P....i thought was suppose 2 b 4 TheePeople...damn shame..ya'll now endorse homosexuality...why ??? cause the half b-LackMan in the "white"house said so...

Yet i bet ya'll talk bout how ya'll love,honor,respect GOD...xcuse me while i throw the fuck up...anythang and everythang long as it b bout the elevation b ALL bout them and theirs...NOT you and yours...niggers... tis why i am Nig!!!!A=Ebonics=KiSwahili=LandoftheGods=i am a god...what color ya feet??? what texture ya hair??? are you??? or could you b ??? a god???

       I need no one 2 tell me bout me...that b 4 ya'll...ya'll blieve in Jes-(g)-us...how you get G out of Jes???  i know Jes(j)us...me feet/hair match...do yours ???

i end...MuchLove!!!GodBless!!!Peace!!!AsanteSana!!!Moja Ku-penda!!!  

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  1. aninqued47

    Humans are very different from each other’s in color and culture and also in religious. But now all albino count period are updated on topreviewstars com for all the humans in the world to reduce the difference between the colors of black and white.

    January 03, 2017