Just be cause ???

Just be cause ???

Let's see if I got this right ???

It happens in a b-Lack hood and the story is pretty much buried...the dead people...wow...how many live people read bout the dead...not till u get up in age and they b ya freinds,etc...

That's why WE ain't got no news station...if WE did twould NOT b NO such thang as  l a t i n o...the east coast would have known bout the white mexicans protesting US havin BLACK History Month...

butt than again...Ya'll blieve in gee-us...blonde/blue

Je(J)sus...polished gold foots/hair like wool=ME and Mines=Begottons

STOP the willie lynchism!!! Only WE Tru!!! Men can!!!

I end...MuchLove!!!GodBless!!!Peace!!!AsanteSana!!!Moja Ku-penda!!!

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