How u = 2 Me...when u came here FREE ???

How u = 2 Me...when u came here FREE ???

U did NOT march...U watched US...then U came across the border of your own FREE will...while in mexico the Blax/BLACKMan is disrespected and b littled...yet u come here after My 4Parents marched and ya'll much blood did ya'll shed 2 feel u worthy??? how many years oif slavery??? yet u equal??? how so and in what manner???

ya'll teach ya'll's babies bout the evil negro angel pedro...and print stamps 2 let the world know ya feelin's 4 Me and mines...yet u equal ???

I live in the real like the rest follow OUR lead...

I end...MuchLove!!!GodBless!!!Peace!!!AsanteSana!!!Moja Ku-penda!!!


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